A Journal - Thoughts on Painting

17 April 2019

Painting is like learning to play an instrument. You have to practise every day. It takes persistence, determination, dedication and lots of  time to learn a piece and to get it right. On the way you will make plenty of mistakes, you get pretty frustrated and you want to quit every three months. But you always return to your instrument and continue. Why? Because that moment when you finally can play your piece through fluently, with no mistakes is worth all the sweat, tears and blood. That sense of achievement and the beauty of that composition you can play is worth it. Worth every minute. With every piece you master the process gets easier. It is the best character building you can do. You learn so much about yourself on the way. Then, sharing your achievement with others and playing that piece you mastered in front of your mum and dad, you friends and your partner or just play it in front of total strangers and see their face light up is priceless. And this is when you learn that you don't need to be a top musician to bring happiness and joy to people with your Art. People appreciate whatever you do because it is yours. It is unique. Somehow people appreciate the effort that went into it. Because if it was that easy, they would all do it. But they don't. 

In our technology-ruled world where for using the left side of the brain society pays much higher in general, anyone who develops the right side of their brain and gets creative will have a much happier life. Somewhere deep down everyone knows this. No accident that Art and Music is part of the school curriculum, or used to be part of it or in socially highly developed countries it is. No accident that Art and Music is part of rehabilitation and Art and Music is introduced at the end stage of life again. So why do we think that throughout the most active adult life we can live without Music, Art playing a significant part in our lives? 

As a professional musician I came to Visual Arts quite late in life but from the moment I made my first drawing in December 2018, something has changed. Drawing felt sooooo good! Since, it has been an organic part of my life.