A Painting for a Smile

We are working on a project to get uplifting art to schools, hospitals and aged care homes. 

We donate small art works, that children, adults and the elderly can take in hand, enjoy and look at while in bed in their hospital room, in classrooms or in public waiting areas. 

We also donate medium or large size art works to hospitals, aged care homes, retirement villages and schools.

Our vision is to bring art, colours, life and joy to people who cope with probably the most challenging time of their life. 

Our art works come from artists, amateur artists, school students, children, shortly, everyone can get involved and make a difference!

Sales from Piroska's art works help to buy canvas, pads, paints, pencils, to cover postage and parking fees for art delivery at hospitals and schools. 

If you would like to become involved in A Painting for a Smile as an artists at any level or help to deliver art work to hospitals in any city or town in Australia, please get in touch with her.