Meet the Artist

Hungarian born Piroska Varga has been a professional musician for close to four decades. She came to Australia in 1994 to take up a lecturing position at the Australian National University, Canberra School of Music. 

She is a graduate of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary 1984. She worked full-time at the Zoltan Kodaly Music Primary and Secondary School and part-time at the Zoltan Kodaly Pedagogical Institute in Kecskemet, Hungary. Then in Australia she was a full-time lecturer at the Canberra School of Music, ANU then at the Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne. She was guest lecturer at the University of Queensland, University of Tasmania and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. She has been associated with most of the major universities and choirs in Australia and performed widely in Europe, Asia and in Australia. 

Piroska prepared and conducted many of the large choral  and oratorical works with orchestra and participated in many grand production, including the opera Renard by Stravinsky with STOPERA, the Symphony of a Thousand by Mahler at the Multicultural Festival in Canberra, at the 2000 Olympic Arts Festival in Sydney, then at the Exhibition Centre in Melbourne and, was guest conductor for many years at the Festival of Voices in Hobart, Tasmania. 

Since 2008 Piroska has been living and working in Melbourne as a freelance musician and music teacher. In 2017 she completed her Sound Therapist qualification, specialising in Biofield Tuning under the guidance of Eileen McCusick, USA and since Piroska has helped many clients to get a tune up and restore balance. 

Piroska has been included in the 2000 Outstanding Musicians of the 20th Century and in the One Thousand Great Intellectuals by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge. 

In the last few years she has been living with MS. Since 2018 December she has been drawing and painting as another, new outlet for her creativity while still teaching music and practising Biofield Tuning.

Piroska enjoys the flow of movements on the canvas and how from scribbles and chaos something beautiful and meaningful appears on the paper. 

Piroska is fascinated by the fact that music, her oxygen, has always uplifted her and especially conducting took her to an almost euphoric state. Drawing and painting takes her to a meditative state, feeling extremely calm and balanced. 

Her project "A Painting for a Smile" aims to bring a little ray of sunshine to those who are going through tough times in their life and are in hospitals. A Painting for a Smile project delivers smaller-size uplifting artworks to hospital patients that they can look at, hold, keep on their bedside table and enjoy during their hospital stay then if they want, take home with them as a memory.