The funny side of painting

You know, the pages nobody talks about. The pages that end up in the bin.. The pages that make you feel like you will never be able to do it. These pages are much worse than in music the mistakes. In music, they pass, mostly only the player and the teacher hear them then, forget them. In painting it is much worse because they physically exist!

However, I decided to save and publish a few of these "mistakes" because sometimes they are humorous. I publish them so people can see that it's ok to make mistakes, to have bad pictures, to not to get things right. Out of 10, 20, 30, 50 drawings and pictures it is great if there is one good, just like in music practice!

Think about it! Those one-hit-wonders in pop music! Same in visual art, those who became famous by one painting! So in Art, sometimes it's enough to have one great work to make it!

So, here they are, enjoy the "blunders". 

14 April 2019 Girl in a bath

Sunday night fun! Those towels look like plucked turkeys!  Ya, and she is having a glass of wine, that’s not a flower!  This turned out total rubbish!